Why Choose Us As Your Wallpaper Removal Company?

Unlike many other Ohio contractors who treat wallpaper removal as a secondary service, our specialty is wallpaper removal. In fact, many painting and home improvement contractors employ our services because of our ability to remove wallpaper more efficiently and with less post removal issues than their own crews can.

We provide solutions not problems. By being experts in removing wallpaper and wallcoverings, we have the experience to properly plan your project and have contingencies in place should any challenges or obstacles arise. This keeps the projects we take on time and progressing smoothly.

We work smart! With our years experience and ongoing research we have developed leading edge techniques to complete the removal of your ugly wallpaper efficiently and quick. We refuse to cut corners to provide an inferior product.

Like surprises? We don't. At Off The Wall, we take a different approach to charging an hourly rate for removal services which leaves the final bill wide open. Instead, we meet with you, do some testing to assess the complexity of the removal project, and provide you with an upfront price and along with an opinion, based on our test results, as to wall conditions after the removal process is completed.*

Cleveland's Wallpaper Removal Company Truck

*The wall conditions after removal will be determined in part by the type of wallpaper removed, the amount of priming or sealing which was done prior to hanging, and preexisting wall conditions before the wallpaper was installed.

If you are looking for a professional wallpaper removal company please call us today at 440-427-0528 or complete our online request form.