Frequently Asked Questions About Wallpaper Removal

Over the years there are several questions which seem to pop up about our services and wallpaper removal in general. We believe that an educated client is our best customer. Here goes.

Do you use a steamer?

No. We use a series of different methods depending on the type of wallpaper encountered and the wall conditions beneath the wallcovering.

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Isn't wallpaper removal more of a do-it-yourself project?

Wallpaper removal is a learned skill. Like any home improvement project, it depends on experience of the person doing the work. We have seen many seriously damaged walls due to amateur removal.

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What is the "best" way to remove wallpaper?

There is no "best" way because removal may consist of several processes. Only a trained removal technician will know the proper procedure(s) and in what order to use them.

Can I paint over wallpaper?

As a general rule it is an unwise move. Many times the paint will loosen the paper causing bubbles and the paper to come loose. Also, in almost all cases, the seams of the old paper will show. Only in extreme cases (such as deteriorating walls) should this option be considered. Then, a lot of wall preparation is necessary to give acceptable results. In addition, removal down the road will be more costly and will result in more wall damage.

Can I wallpaper over the old paper?

Again, not a wise decision for the same reasons previously stated for painting over old wallpaper. Also, by doing so may void any manufacturer's warranty for the new wallcovering.

How do you charge?

Fees are determined by a number of factors such as the size and configuration of the space being removed, the type of wallcovering, its degree of difficulty in removing, and the type of wall preparation that was done prior to installation.

Do you need to see the project?

In most cases yes.

Are the walls ready to paint when finished?

Walls will be free of old wallpaper and paste. Repair and preparation is the responsibility of other tradesmen.

Do you offer any other services?

We do on a limited basis. However, we maintain a list of highly qualified tradesmen for drywall/plaster repair, interior painting and wallcovering installation. That way you will receive the best, most efficient, and quality service..

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