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Celebrating 20 Years of Taking Wallpaper Off The Wall!

For two decades, Cleveland Wallpaper Removal Company has been saving homeowners in Ohio from the burden of ugly wallpaper! We know the struggle – outdated patterns, faded colors, and that stubborn adhesive that makes removing wallpaper a nightmare.

That's where Off The Wall shines! Over 20 years, we've perfected our wallpaper removal methods, becoming the experts you can trust. We'll remove your unwanted wallpaper quickly, cleanly, and with minimal mess, leaving your walls ready for your design vision.

Before You Call Us...

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After You Call Us...

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Have you ever...

  • Have Wallpaper Issues?-Cleveland Wallpaper RemovalDreamed about getting rid of that nasty, outdated wallpaper but didn't know how?
  • Been told by others how hard and messy it was to remove that paper?
  • Had a bad experience or poor results with do-it-yourself wallpaper removal projects?
  • Wished that you had someone who could rid your home of unwanted wallpaper safely, efficiently and with minimal aggravation?

Good News!!

WALLPAPER PHOTOS IN OHIOHelp is on the way! We can get rid of that ugly old wallpaper quickly, cleanly, and in a fraction of the time you might expect. Furthermore, we will leave the work area clean and ready for the next tradesperson.

Why You Should Hire Us For Your Ohio Wallpaper Removal Needs

We are a family owned wallpaper removal company based in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. We service western Cuyahoga, eastern Lorain, northern Medina, and select areas of Summit counties. Our goal is to provide exceptional service in an efficient and friendly manner. Annually, we remove enough wallpaper to cover a football field.

Unlike many removal solutions commonly used by others, we use only water - no toxic chemicals or smelly concoctions - safe for adults, children, and pets.

Removal practices commonly used are dated and inefficient. At Off The Wall we have developed proprietary removal methods leading to cleaner removals and less wall damage — especially on hard to remove and painted over wallpapers.

We are fully insured and carry both liability insurance and worker's compensation. We look forward to helping your home and taking away all of that ugly wallpaper.

Unlike many other Ohio contractors who treat wallpaper removal as a secondary service, our specialty is wallpaper removal. In fact, many painting and home improvement contractors employ our services because of our ability to remove wallpaper more efficiently and with less post removal issues than their own crews can.

What People are saying about us...

"Off the Wall's technique was flawless and very unique. It worked so well."

| Rated: 5/5

"Was very professional when estimating the work and though out the job. All phone calls were answered and all expectations exceeded. Thanks for a great job."

| Rated: 5/5

"The entire process was explained to me in an easy and understandable manner. Our room really looks great and we are happy to discover the walls were in good condition. I would recommend your services to others and plan to use your services in the future."

| Rated: 5/5

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