Do you have wallpaper in your home that needs to be removed? Wallpaper can be difficult and stubborn when you want to take it off your walls!

Depending on the adhesive and materials the wallpaper is constructed of, there are times when it easily comes off, and then there are all the other times when it refuses to budge without taking off the underlying materials along with it.

When that happens, obviously there will have to be repairs made that are more extensive than just wallpaper removal. Rather than spend countless hours tearing off your wallpaper strip by strip, or scraping only to find you've damaged the wallboard underneath, call our professional wallpaper removal company and have the job done quickly with the right techniques that can keep your underlying materials in tact!

Bay Village Wallpaper Removal Subcontracting Services

Many of our clients are contractors who need wallpaper removal prior to getting their project completed. For instance, painting contractors will often have us come in first to take off the old wallpaper before they begin to repaint and possibly re-wallpaper the home.

Hiring Cuyahoga County professionals who have worked with all types of wallpaper materials over the years, and who specializes in removing it, means they will actually save on costs because it's much quicker and more efficient than they could do it. That ensures time isn't wasted on delays that can be costly and eat into profits.

Written Proposals for Your Wallpaper Removal in Bay Village

When we first meet with you, we'll be performing a sample test to determine what to expect for the wallpaper removal project. This test will tell us what materials the wallpaper is made of, whether purely paper or vinyl and paper, etc, and what to expect for the condition the materials underneath after the wallpaper is removed.

You'll then get a fully written proposal detailing the project. At acceptance, the project is scheduled. You'll be able to use the proposal to help you file insurance claims, for tax purposes, or for other project bids.

Sometimes you get a proposal from a company yet they seem to be unwilling to write it down for you. This could be either because they aren't experienced enough to have the ability or they can't estimate the project accurately because they aren't professionals who know what they're doing.

You don't want to get a proposal only to find out later that it cost three times as much because they ran into a problem or some such excuse.

Our proposals will allow for contingencies, and the consultation and testing we do first will help us ensure that you're getting as accurate as possible professional written proposal for your wallpaper removal project.

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