Do you have a Beachwood home that was once adorned with wallpaper? Are you trying to remove it, only to find out it's sticking to the walls so tightly it tears out chunks of drywall or wallboard?

Instead of struggling with your wallpaper removal, hire our professionals who know all about your wallpaper and the building materials underneath it. We will always know the quickest and most effective methods of wallpaper removal because that's all we do and is our skilled trade that has taken years to perfect.

Beachwood Wallpaper Removal Subcontracting Services

After years of working with the papers, vinyls, adhesive, layers of materials, and all the different underlying materials and how they adhere together, we've learned a thing or two about how to effectively and efficiently remove wallpaper.

Which is why you need a professional Cuyahoga County wallpaper removal company like us here at Off the Wall Wallpaper Removal to handle the project for you!

When you're working on a remodeling project, the last thing you want is to delay the project and have it cost more than you had planned. If you're a contractor who provides other services, let us contract with you to do the wallpaper removal portion of the project.

Written Proposals for Your Wallpaper Removal in Beachwood

Have you tried to get a proposal or written estimate from a company before but only got the runaround?

If your contractor hems and haws or tries to give you only a verbal proposal, beware. You could end up with far more costs down the line.

When that happens, you know something funny is going on. There can be many reasons why a repair person or contractor will avoid giving you a written proposal, and none of them are good reasons.

If your contractor is saying they can't provide you with one now, and still can't give you one later when they have access to paper, printer, or whatever they need, then it's not likely you'll want to trust them to uphold their verbal estimate.

In fact, you'll probably end up with a much higher cost for the work than what they said. Written proposals should plan for contingencies, and that's what we do at Off the Wall Wallpaper Removal. Our initial testing of the area determines the costs and what to expect of the underlying materials when the wallpaper is taken off.

Don't work with a company who can't provide you with service like this. Either they don't have the professional experience to accurately give you a proposal, including a contingency plan, or they don't have the ability to give you a written proposal.

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"We thought we would have to replace the wallboard, but Off the Wall saved the day."

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