When you have an older home, you may run into some problems when you try to take off the old wallpaper. Many homes built in the later part of the last century were fitted with wallpaper as a common decorative element.

Unfortunately, taking off some of that old and faded paper can really get frustrating due to the materials and adhesives used.

Our pros at Off the Wall Wallpaper Removal can give you an upfront proposal that is written and accurate with no hidden costs. We also try to plan for contingencies and will give that information to you as well.

We'll test the area first to determine the materials used in the manufacturing of your wallpaper, and we'll give you an indication of what to expect the condition will be in when the wallpaper is removed. The wallpaper manufacturers have changed the materials and adhesives used over the years, which means that one method of removal may not work for every type or variable involved.

Bedford Wallpaper Removal Subcontracting Services

We are often hired by Cuyahoga County contractors, such as painters and other remodelers, who know that it's much more effective for them to hire out professional wallpaper removal services than to try to have their own crews try to get rid of it.

Our professional wallpaper removal contractors are fully experienced and can remove the wallpaper for you much more efficiently than a crew who doesn't do this service day in and day out.

We have all the tools and knowledge we need to take off the wallpaper and leave the underlying materials as in tact as possible. Our methods ensure extra careful handling of the wallboard or drywall underneath. Let us contract for that portion of your project and we'll save you plenty of time.

Written Proposals for Your Wallpaper Removal in Bedford

When you need a project done, one of the ways to tell you're actually working with a professional company is when they can give you a written proposal. If they can't do that, you can be sure there's something strange going on.

At Off the Wall Wallpaper Removal, you'll only get a fully written professional proposal with contingencies. Our costs are upfront, and our pre-testing of your wallpaper and what lies underneath will give you accurate information that includes what to expect from the remaining condition of the underlying materials.

This type of service what you should expect of every professional company no matter what service they will provide you. Instead of cutting corners, you'll only be costing yourself more in the long run, so get in touch with our pros today and let us help you with your wallpaper removal!

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